Smart and mobile: CM3 for post and CEP services

Do you have the task of having to pick up and deliver goods quickly, securely and accurately and, at the same time, collect fees on site? 
Do you have to load vehicles for complex routes and equip the drivers with funds?
Do you want to control extensive unloading processes reliably?
Are you planning on speeding up the billing processes on site and carrying out transactions with transparency?
Do you want to be able to react in a flash to sudden changes in the delivery process?

Then CheckMobile CM3 is the right answer to your needs. 

Delivery services: Demands are increasing

The scope and complexity of processes in the field of postal delivery and courier, express and packet services (CEP) know only one direction: upwards. End customers do not just require maximum reliability alongside limited fees, but also flexibility at all levels. At the same time, the amount of unusual transported goods is increasing – from hazardous goods and live animals through to medical instruments and works of art.   More...

However, it is not just the variety of goods to be transported connected with the desire for shipment mileages that are as short as possible and/or guaranteed delivery times which cause increasing demands in the field of delivery, but also the growing demands of customers for transparency: today, shipment tracking and documentation of the delivery and billing processes are standard. As such, the events which are necessary for fulfilling these requirements are becoming ever more sophisticated and complex. Digital techniques have long taken the place of paper documents in order to handle tasks securely. However the fact remains that the individual services of your processes are customised and increasingly, mobile terminals have to be integrated. This is something which presents significant challenges to software manufacturers. For these requirements, CheckMobile CM3 has the best technological solution on the market for these requirements. As an individually designed delivery service, you can expect from CM3 everything that ideally, you would dream to be available from a digital process control solution: Without problems, all of your specific requirements can be quickly portrayed in the CM3, without any programming work on your part or the need for specific previous knowledge. As a result of the free adaptability of the CheckMobile platform and the option of being able to configure process steps freely, add to boxes/queries, and switch compulsory boxes on/off, CM3 provides you with a degree of flexibility and individuality that has never been attained before.

CM3: Smart software from the cloud

The CheckMobile platform CM3 is the digital foundation for the handling of complex processes such as data collection, data reconciliation/communication, your transfer onto mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and the paperless documentation of critical processes.   More...

CM3 offers you wide-ranging possibilities to individually design processes such as pick-ups, deliveries, loading and unloading, billing and emergency/special route, control them on mobile equipment and digitally as well as to document them with legal effect. As the solution works at a level in that is superordinate to the system, it does not engage in the IT infrastructure that is running. This means that all kinds of changes and adaptations can be implemented in realtime and when the system is running – without programming work or time-consuming software updates. As a result of the free adaptability of the CM3 and the option of being able to configure process steps individually, add to boxes/queries and switch compulsory boxes on/off, you will get exactly the flexibility you need for mobile processes. As a result of the usage dependent payment from the cloud, it is also inexpensive.

The CheckMobile sector solution (post and CEP services)

The many different processes in the delivery sector are portrayed by the CM3 as highly individualised mobile applications. This means: through your very independent processes, you define the design of the solution. Here though, before the development, we will define the relevant sequences with you in a joint workshop.   More...

The following examples underline the efficiency of CM3 for your key business processes.

Benefit from the following CheckMobile postal and CEP service solutions


Among other things, CM3 reliably handles special features associated with the delivery (depending on the goods, address or job) and the different aspects of the delivery (e.g. calculation of fees on a mobile device, on-site billing (taking money and issuing change), controlling processes if the recipient is not there to accept his/her delivery, documentation of damage (photos), monitoring of the point in time and (if available) the geo-coordinates of the delivery or the print out of the slip for the recipient).


Similar to the situation with the delivery, the CM3 also portrays the pick-up processes. Further options can be added, e.g. the generation of a barcode or stickers for tracking the parcel and identification.

Ad-hoc jobs

“Can you also take another parcel?” The CM3 also carries out these types of new jobs from the customer on site. Among other things, these include the recording of the necessary contextual data, the calculation of costs (offline and online), the receipt of goods, the documentation of damage, the generating of barcodes and automated parcel tracking/identification.

When a different driver takes on a route

If a driver has to drop out en-route and his routes and/or parcels have to be shared out among colleagues, the CM3 also controls processes such as the identification of the stand-in drivers, the sharing out of routes, support that is given to the reallocation of loads and the splitting of jobs into subcontracted jobs for different drivers etc.

The loading of routes

This CM3 module digitally handles all of the relevant process steps. These include:

  • the electronic importing of dispatched jobs
  • the login of the relevant staff at the start of the shift
  • the loading of the vehicles by the driver plus checking that everything is present and correct
  • realtime reporting of the status of every route to the hub-system
  • the recording of rejected consignments
  • the processing of special information for particular transported goods (e.g. the attachment of barcodes etc.) 
  • the proper conclusion of the route by the driver

  • Unloading

    Typical CM3 processes in this area include, e.g. the unloading of all remaining parcels at the hub, possibly with the task of keeping them on hand for a second delivery on the following day, the unloading of the collected parcels, status checks or the documentation of special events/special requirements.


    CM3 manages instant transparency in the hub concerning the amounts to be billed and organises processes such as the hub-based billing of the money that is taken, cashing up and the provision of supporting documents in the event of surpluses/deficits. The range of tasks where CM3 can be applied is by no means exhausted. Expanded options include tasks such as the handling of picking processes on handheld terminals at the hub, the controlling of inter-hub traffic and the processing of contextual data relating to the routes (status of the vehicle, mileage etc.) and staff (working times, settlements etc.).

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