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  • Are you involved in the rental and leasing business?
  • Would you like to make your processes lean and optimised?
  • Would you like to organise your business paperless and mobile?
  • Do you want digital documentation that is linked to the back office?
  • Do you dream of evaluation of the leasing properties in real-time?

Then CM3 is the ideal solution for you.

Leasing and rentals faced with new challenges

The continuously growing customer requirements demand of companies which rent or lease vehicles or buildings that they expand their range of services and offer the most customer-friendly handling of processes. Modern web-based IT solutions are the answer to these challenges.   More...

Just as in nearly all sectors, the competition and customer requirements have become tougher in the leasing and rental business. New players from the international market are entering the market. Simultaneously, the customers expect strong expansion of the range of services in the direction of more favourable terms and more flexibility.

For the provider, that means enlarging their range of vehicles and properties, increasing the diversity of the leasing and rental properties and constantly aligning their offer to the personal wishes of the customers, namely: individualisation. That leads to increasingly complex offers and with that also more complex business processes along with growing cost pressure.

On top of that – especially in the vehicle sector – there is the fact that the Build-to-Order concept has to be reflected in the structures of the manufacturer, the supplier and the process service provider. That demands a nearly stock-free value chain, perfect part supply and the shortest possible implementation times – in short: the perfect process.

The way out of this intensified competitive situation is optimised, consequent virtualisation and mobile business processes. And that is exactly where the unique strengths of the CheckMobile CM3 configuration platform lie.

CM3: Smart software from the cloud

With the CM3 integration platform from CheckMobile it becomes possible to organise processes leaner and paperless. Furthermore, all procedures can be controlled and completed by mobile terminal devices. The results are not merely optimised business processes, but also a huge plus in flexibility and productivity.   More...

The use of mobile devices such as smartphones and industry pads plus CM3 access optimises and modernises business processes and verifiably leads to higher efficiency and more flexibility. The intelligent platform provides you with extensive facilities for the cross-company management of your processes, which are made accessible and effective at any time from any location in the world. All relevant information can be exchanged and transmitted with a click of the mouse or from a touchpad from both mobile and permanently installed terminal equipment.

CM3 maintains the ideal balance between standardisation and individual adaptability. The process intelligence is in the app, but to maximise its usefulness, you can customise the software to precisely fit your individual situation without having to make any great effort. With the free adaptability of CM3 and the facility for individually configuring process steps for supplementing new branches and requests, or being able to switch mandatory boxes on and off, you obtain the exact flexibility that you need for mobile processes.

All changes that you configure on the platform can be implemented during on-going operations (i.e., without interruptions and even without software updates).

CheckMobile sector solution rental and leasing

The challenges that are specific to the rental and leasing sector are simulated in the CM3 Rental&Leasing sector solution. The standard solution facilitates mobile, process-optimised and mobile-handling of a great number of procedures which are common in this sector. Without programming, company-specific, individual solutions can be configured on top of that.   More...

The CheckMobile configuration platform provides the basis technology for individually configurable sector solutions. The sector Rental and Leasing solution provides you with applications for managing cross-company IT processes. Added to that are mature solutions for increasing your productivity and increasing the transparency. CheckMobile integrates seamlessly and flexibly into existing IT system landscapes.

The sector solution functions include: Monitoring the vehicles and properties, handling maintenance and wear-repairs, spare-parts management, insurance, fuel cards and fuel management, damage management, photographic documentation of the conditions and damages, time-recording and proof of performance of service providers and field-service employees, mobile evaluation implemented mobile and transmitted in real-time on the return of the vehicle and properties along with all re-marketing processes.

Profit from the following CheckMobile Rental&Leasing solutions

  • Rental return / rental hand-over controls
  • Rental planning table
  • Rented property configuration management
  • Rent damage calculation
  • On-site rent accounting
  • Damage management desk
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