Efficiency machine for real-estate and facility management

  • Do you have to routinely manage complex procedures in real estate and facility management?
  • Do you want to make your processes paperless and digitally document them?
  • Would you like to digitally allocate the orders to your field service employees?
  • Would you like to acquire the key data onsite on mobile terminal equipment?
  • Do you see an advantage in being able to distribute test and inspection orders in electronic form?

Then CM3 is the ideal solution for you.

Facility management – complex and demanding

In modern facility management there are endless individual processes that are usually still being handled in paper. To raise the efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, the support of IT-supported process optimisation solutions is indispensable.   More...

The management of real estate and buildings requires the handling of complex processes on a daily basis. That includes, for instance, the registration of new properties, the assessment of measurements and meter readings, the inspection and maintenance of air conditioning and supply systems, the management of service and cleaning work along with the control and monitoring of safety relevant plants.

Numerous documents need to be prepared, distributed and archived; maintenance and inspection demand the frequent counterchecking of data and communication over and beyond the deployment teams.

All these processes can be made more productive and more flexible by using digital and mobile technologies. CM3 provides the ideal technological solution to accomplish that. To support your own, specific requirements you can individualise the solution even without any background knowledge. With the free adaptability of the CheckMobile platform and the facility for configuring free process steps, for supplementing with new boxes and queries and switching mandatory boxes on and off, CM3 provides you a previously unattained degree of flexibility.

CM3: Smart software from the cloud

The CheckMobile CM3 platform is the IT basis for a successful process optimisation strategy. It makes it possible to design the procedures without paper and to handle the measurement acquisition, data counterchecking and communications mobile.   More...

The use of mobile devices such as smartphones and industry pads plus CM3 access optimises and modernises business processes and verifiably leads to higher efficiency and more flexibility. The intelligent platform provides you with extensive facilities for the cross-company management of your processes, which are made accessible and effective at any time from any location in the world. All relevant information can be exchanged and transmitted with a click of the mouse or from a touchpad from both mobile and permanently installed terminal equipment.

CM3 maintains the ideal balance between standardisation and individual adaptability. The process intelligence is in the app, but to maximise its usefulness you can customise the software to precisely fit your individual situation without having to make any great effort. With the free adaptability of CM3 and the facility for individually configuring process steps for supplementing new branches and requests, or being able to switch mandatory boxes on and off, you obtain the exact flexibility that you need for mobile processes.

All changes that you configure on the platform can be implemented during on-going operations (i.e., without interruptions and even without software updates).

CheckMobile sector solution Real Estate&Facility management

The sector solutions which CheckMobile provides on the CM3 platform also include a standard solution specifically customised for the needs of the real estate and facility management sector. It can be quickly resigned to create your individual optimum solution without any programming effort.   More...

With CM3, the great variety of jobs in modern facility management can be documented promptly and with clear spatial allocation and its control and coordination can be optimised. The fast data exchange with the CheckMobile platform simplifies order management for the technicians in your maintenance and service staff.

For instance, you can write structured meeting minutes with which the tasks can be immediately defined and with which the handling can be monitored. Photographic documentation, digital signature, status reports, task and defect lists are taken care of on mobile devices and reliably centrally documented in real-time. The invoicing routes become shorter and the performance records are very exactly registered.

The integration into the centralised ERP and CAFM (computer-aided facility-management) systems spares a whole range of processing functions. The benchmarking and control functions are electronically mapped, making them more flexible - simultaneously, the timeliness of the information is increased.

The acquisition of measurements and meter readings, the inspection and maintenance of air conditioning and supply systems, the monitoring of site-specific electrical installations – with the implementation of CheckMobile Real Estate&Facility Management, such processes become transparent, virtualised and, through the intelligent use of mobile terminal devices, accessible.

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