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  • Do you have to manage comprehensive service procedures?
  • To accomplish that, do mobile deployment teams need to be managed and linked to the back office?
  • Do you wish you had digital process handling from order placement to completion and payment?
  • Would you like to have fast, digital documentation of all the jobs and their real-time archiving in the company?
  • Would you like to accelerate processes through digital interfaces to ERP, HR and accounting software?

Then CM3 is the ideal solution for you.

The challenge: The coordination of deployment teams for installation and customer service

Companies that work in the sanitation, heating and air conditioning area are faced with the challenge of having to coordinate their business processes with the mobile workforce onsite. Customer satisfaction, and with that the long-term success of the company, depends on this task being optimally solved. Only modern IT solutions can lead to success here.   More...

Your company's reputation, and together with that your company's long-term success, depends on the fast, professional and reliable work of your fitters and service technicians. Installation, maintenance and repair onsite have to be undertaken closely coordinated with the planning headquarters. At the same time, the service teams need to be continuously accessible and need to be available for sudden deployments.

Decisive for the customer-friendly handling of these complex process chains is a close meshing of onsite jobs with the back office. That is the only way that service orders can be created quickly and forwarded immediately to the employees.

CM3 provides the latest technology that can be found on the market for these requirements. The complete virtualisation of the procedures in connection with the use of mobile terminal equipment ensures the fastest reaction times, constantly updated data and optimised manpower planning of the service technicians and fitters.

CM3: Smart software from the cloud

The CM3 integration platform from CheckMobile provides the ideal IT infrastructure for the coordination of mobile processes with back office functions. Process optimisation and mobilisation along with secure data exchange between the headquarters and the mobile workforce are the key elements in the solution's capability profile.   More...

The intelligent CM3 platform provides you with extensive facilities for the cross-company management of your processes, which are made accessible and effective at any time from any location in the world. All relevant information can be exchanged and transmitted with a click of the mouse or from a touchpad from both mobile and permanently installed terminal equipment.

CM3 maintains the ideal balance between standardisation and individual adaptability. The process intelligence is in the app, but to maximise its usefulness you can customise the software to precisely fit your individual situation without having to make any great effort. With the free adaptability of CM3 and the facility for individually configuring process steps for supplementing new branches and requests, or being able to switch mandatory boxes on and off, you obtain the exact flexibility that you need for mobile processes.

All changes that you configure on the platform can be implemented during on-going operations (i.e., without interruptions and even without software updates).

CheckMobile sector solution sanitary, heating, air conditioning

In the sector solution for the sanitation, heating and air conditioning branch, CheckMobile has the sector expertise to develop a standardised solution for optimising the processes and for linking the field service with the back office. Simple, fast and without any programming effort, this basis can generate individual company solutions.

With CM3, you can arrange the management of your mobile deployment team much more simply and transparently than up to now. All jobs can be registered onsite and in real-time and transmitted to the headquarters. If required, the material requirements for the orders can be virtualised and compared with the inventory levels so that measures can be taken which are appropriate for the situation. That significantly reduces the administration overhead (and thus also the financial expenditures). The intelligent integration of field service and office work leads to the highest possible efficiency and flexibility in customer service.

The workforce can fill in standardised masks and forms onsite and initiate the most varied process steps. The customer can immediately acknowledge completed orders, which accelerates the invoicing routes.

The sector solution includes outstanding functions, such as the digital documentation of the worked hours and trips, reading out service orders from the ERP systems, fast registration and documentation of damages and malfunctions, plus the automatic dispatching and centralised storing of all acceptance reports, and the information in the reports can be made available as the basic data during the next deployment.

In the back office, CM3 helps create accelerated and more flexible order processing. It facilitates optimum workforce management (for instance through route optimisation), fast accounting of the jobs performed by employees and service providers through interfaces to the HR and accounting systems, monitoring the service specifications (intervals, frequency, SLA's, etc.) along with an escalation logic for involving additional experts.

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