Machines and plants under control - paperless and mobile

  • Would you like an optimised, transparent administration of your machinery across the entire life cycle?
  • Would you like to make your processes paperless?
  • Would you like to have digital spare-parts management?
  • Do you consider a simple mobile record of all repair, retrofitting and maintenance work to be a competitive edge?
  • Would you like to be able to call-up and process completed orders mobile problem-free?

Then Global CM is the ideal solution for you.

Mechanical Engineering: With smart apps into the future

In mechanical engineering, tougher competition and the pressure to innovate entail increased requirements placed on the control of processes and the efficiency of the manufacturing chain. Intelligent mobile IT solutions are the most important advanced approach to cope with these challenges.   More...

Tougher competition demands permanent innovation and a comprehensive range of services from plant and mechanical engineering contractors. That requires optimisation of the process organisation and integrated real-time data exchange between companies, partners and customers.

The machines are also changing: The decisive attributes of tomorrow's machines are their flexibility and optimised productivity. Modular design, intuitive operability, a high degree of ergonomics and Internet-based networking contribute to accomplishing that. Decisive for optimising the productivity of a machine will be its intelligence in the form of smart mobile apps integrated into the process chain. Such apps have to provide for platform-independent process control without media discontinuities, and have to be independent of the active personnel to be able to minimise both the process time as well as the defect rate.

CM3: Smart software from the cloud

CheckMobile Integration Platform CM3 helps facilitate paperless, efficient and process-optimised process management. At the same time, the integration of mobile systems provides high reaction speed and flexibility.   More...

CM3, the integrated process platform from CheckMobile, helps the requirements of the future become reality already today: It serves as the central control and helps automate all functions for the areas of the delivery, replacement, maintenance and service of a machine. The decisive innovative feature here is that the solution can be configured for innumerable specific, individual scenarios.

The intelligent platform provides you with extensive facilities for the cross-company management of your processes, which are made accessible and effective at any time from any location in the world. All relevant information can be exchanged and transmitted with a click of the mouse or from a touchpad from both mobile and permanently installed terminal equipment.

CM3 maintains the ideal balance between standardisation and individual adaptability. The process intelligence is in the app, but to maximise its usefulness you can customise the software to precisely fit your individual situation without having to make any great effort. With the free adaptability of CM3 and the facility for individually configuring process steps for supplementing new branches and requests, or being able to switch mandatory boxes on and off, you obtain exactly the flexibility that you need for mobile processes.

All changes that you configure on the platform can be implemented during on-going operations (i.e., without interruptions and even without software updates).

CheckMobile sector solution mechanical engineering

CM3 has a sector solution tailored specifically to the requirements demanded by mechanical engineering. Based on this standard software, which integrates the sector's know-how, you can create optimised individual solutions for your individual situation – without programming, quickly and reliably.   More...

CM3 permits simple, flexible, highly scalable mobile management of all service and maintenance work such as operational plans, volume of work, intelligent documentation, photographs, digital signatures, etc. – job-oriented and reliable. The application runs on all common smartphones and industrial-grade hand-held devices.

You stay in control during all standardisation. The entries and queries can be easily changed and individualised to the alternating business requirements at any time.

With its high degree of individualisation, the CheckMobile solution can behave completely differently depending on the machine, the customer and the service company and provide the user with respectively different, specifically relevant information.

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