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  • Does your business model involve complex logistics processes?
  • Would you like to optimise your warehousing?
  • Would you like to handle delivery processes paperless and mobile?
  • Would you like to make order processing more transparent and faster?
  • Do you dream of mobile real-time management for your fleet?

Then CM is the ideal solution for you.

Logistics sector in tough competition

The challenges for the transport and logistics sector have intensified significantly in recent decades. To be able to keep up with the competition, companies in this sector are dependent on support through intelligent IT. Moreover, the use of mobile terminal equipment has become a factor for success.   More...

Transport and logistics are growth industries and their significance for the overall economy will continue to increase in the future. Increasingly demanding customers and stricter legal stipulations confront the sector with challenges that can only be overcome if it takes a quantum leap in flexibility, the speed of reaction and quality assurance – and at the same time all of that with the large number of participants involved in the supply and process chain with the most varied locations, technical systems and internal procedures.

This enormous task can only be solved with the mobile deployment of intelligent IT. Cross-company and cross-location processes can only be correspondingly accelerated and flexibly managed with internet-based technology. The cloud creates independence from the location and time zone while unifying different deployment technologies by creating appropriate interfaces – and at the same time it reduces the costs along the entire supply chain. On top of that, the mobility of the systems ensures the greatest proximity to the processes.

CM3: Smart software from the cloud

With the configuration platform CM3, CheckMobile is providing a software solution which, with consideration of the strongly growing requirements, will allow the transport and logistics sector to continue to remain competitive in the future. It makes the processes smart along the entire supply chain and enables their transmission on mobile terminal units.   More...

The decisive combination for the transport and logistics tasks of the future are intelligent mobile software applications and cloud technology.

It is exactly this combination which the CheckMobile CM3 configuration platform provides you in the ideal manner: It provides you with extensive facilities for the cross-company management of your logistics processes, which are made accessible and effective at any time from any location in the world. All relevant information can be exchanged and transmitted with a click of the mouse or from a touchpad from both mobile and permanently installed terminal equipment.

CM3 makes your logistics smart: It maintains the ideal balance between standardisation and individual adaptability. The process intelligence is in the app, but to maximise its usefulness you can customise the software to precisely fit your individual situation without having to make any great effort. With the free adaptability of CM3 and the facility for individually configuring process steps, supplementing new branches and requests or being able to switch mandatory boxes on and off, you obtain the exact flexibility that you need for mobile processes.

All changes that you configure on the platform can be implemented during on-going operations (i.e., without interruptions and even without software updates). The fleet as an example: With CheckMobile, independent of the automobile brand and the size of the fleet, you get the ideal interconnection of the fleet management to your existing business processes simply and without any background knowledge.

CM3 – lean management above and beyond the logistics chain

The CheckMobile CM3 platform lets you optimise the business processes over and above the pure logistics and transportation function. Along with the efficiency and productivity increase of the entire supply chain, the solution provides support when implementing a comprehensive lean management strategy and when designing and implementing after-sales activities.   More...

With increasing frequency, companies are demanding support for special services that go way beyond the transport processes such as repairs or spare-parts management. CM3 has the intelligence to be able to handle all processes and incoming orders from traditional logistics through after-sales services efficiently and reliably and simultaneously time and cost optimised. Furthermore at the same time, your company will not only gain more flexibility, but also service quality.

CM3 facilitates your ability to optimise the entire supply chain, both in-house as well as cross-company. That means you can design the logistics network to be efficient and can integrate your service providers and suppliers in the logistics process. Intelligent planning instruments help you set up modern supply and distribution concepts, while you drive the efficiency of your business processes, for instance inventory control or material flow and warehousing logistics, to the top of the competition. The CheckMobile solutions create all the necessary IT interfaces and take care of integrating different IT systems and the optimised process control. That can all be accomplished with mobile terminal equipment through secure data streams.

The range of services provided by the CheckMobile software even allows sustained incorporation of a trend-setting, lean management philosophy in your company. Along with the efficient processes and structures, that also includes factors such as the standardisation of processes, an effective control and management system and a qualified personnel structure dimensioned to meet your needs.

Lean scanning, the implementation of lean administration programmes and the optimisation of the IT landscape are only a few of the performance features of the solution. You will be provided with tools for interface and interference analysis, activity structure analysis (German abbreviation TSA) along with services inventory and communications analysis.

To cover the requirements catalogue in the area of after sales, which is demanding increasingly more space, your CM3 basis provides comprehensive solutions for spare-parts management, component reconditioning, inspections, repairs and document management. That makes you capable of preparing your own, individual service strategy.

CheckMobile sector solution Transport&Logistics

The CheckMobile configuration platform provides the basis technology for individually configurable sector solutions. The sector Transport&Logistics solution provides you with applications for managing cross-company IT processes. This is where companies from trade and industry along with logistics service providers and forwarders find tried and tested solutions for increasing their productivity while increasing the transparency. CheckMobile integrates seamlessly and flexibly into existing IT system landscapes.

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