CheckMobile at MOTEK 2012:
The foundation for the mechanical engineering of the future

Hamburg. 22/10/2012, CheckMobile GmbH looks back on an extraordinarily successful presence at the MOTEK 2012 exhibition. Both the well-publicised presentation of the CheckMobile technology during the "Virtual Fort Knox" project and the great interest of the visitors in the products are proof of swiftly growing acceptance of the company's high-tech solutions.

„Virtual Fort Knox“ is a pilot project of the State Government of Baden-Württemberg, presented by the Landesnetzwerk Mechatronik BW in collaboration with P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG and the Fraunhofer-Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA in cooperation with Hewlett Packard Deutschland GmbH. This involved the future development of mechanical engineering, whereby the term „Machine 2020“ was launched as a symbol for the intelligent machines of tomorrow. CheckMobile GmbH was involved in the project in a prominent position.

The core message of „Virtual Fort Knox“: The essential attribute for future factories is their rapid adaptability to the changes in market developments. Flexibility, simple operability and fast up and down scalability are the demanding requirements placed on manufacturing in the future. That is – in the opinion of the experts – only possible through a high degree of networking and use of distributed cloud-based IT systems. Moreover, improved communications between the customers, service providers and one's own employees will be of paramount importance.

The CheckMobile technology already now provides many attributes of these trend-setting requirements: The highly flexible CheckMobile app provides a professional solution for networking all the partners in a project, making their collaboration fit for the future.

CheckMobile Managing Director, Phillip Weirauch, presents his company's technological approach during the press conference with a speech on the topic „Virtual Fort Knox – New App Technologies in Machine and Plant Engineering“. He emphasised the increasing significance of mobile solutions here. CheckMobile GmbH furthermore displayed a concrete app, which simulates the control of service and maintenance work in the after sales sector.

The reaction of experts and users to this presentation and to the „hands-on app technology“ was extraordinarily positive. The interest in the CheckMobile solutions went way beyond pure factual information: Numerous potential customers and partners from the mechanical engineering segment entered into intensive technical discussions. The currently preferred application fields are turning out to be the management of service technicians along with the mobile data acquisition in production and manufacturing. In addition, there was great interest for solutions from the field of warehouse optimisation during incoming goods/outgoing goods and order picking, where CheckMobile provides a highly transparent solution.

The visitors were especially impressed by the simplicity during the introduction of the solution, their compatibility with the existing IT architecture and their scope of functions. The CheckMobile apps facilitate flexible, simple, scalable, task-oriented and secure management of all service and maintenance work (for example, operational plans, volume of work, documentation, photographs, digital signatures, etc.). The application runs on all common smartphones and industrial-grade hand-held devices. At the same time, the user can change the masks or queries themselves and individually adapt to the changing business requirements.

The market experience of CheckMobile as a pioneer of „Machine 2020“ makes the company one of the most important business partners, which CheckMobile Managing Director Phillip Weirauch underscored: „CheckMobile is the suitable contact for launching mobile solutions and devices in industry. The collaboration with our renowned customers has secured our edge in expertise, and we are glad to use it to support new customers“.




CheckMobile beim German Accelerator Förderprogramm für Coaching-Aufenthalt in Silicon Valley ausgewählt. Innovative Logistik-Fulfillment-Lösung für digitalisierte Optimierung von Auslieferungs-prozessen überzeugt Jury

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