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With CM3, CheckMobile provides you with an innovative, centrally operated web platform (portal) for mapping mobile processes. It optimises business processes and on top of that makes them accessible on all standard mobile terminal equipment such as smartphones, tablets and the like. Both previously virtualised as well as paper-based processes can be optimised through CM3. The result is lean, cost-saving processes and a system of mobile solutions that is ready for the always-on business of the future.   More...

The CheckMobile software does not intervene in your IT systems; rather, it works from a system-coordinating level with interfaces to the ERP, payroll accounting or content management systems of the customer. Nonstandard-compliant, independent developments can be linked in just as well as, for instance, SAP CS, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and dispatch and parcel delivery services networks.

The relevant data is analysed and processed by the software and the result is fed back to your systems. The CM3 data query is identified and authorised by the IT systems through an identification code. The CheckMobile software can then export the data relevant for exporting and can supply the processed information back into the system through the same path.

With CM3, all procedures can be documented paperless and at an optimised level – from the acquisition of a loading or unloading process through the rental and return of cars, the recording of damage, the maintenance of machinery, the spare-parts management, the monitoring of assembly or services all the way through all incoming and outgoing goods processes and stock keeping. CheckMobile turns paper processes into digital delivery notes.

Since CM3 can be used on all conventional mobile devices and platforms (from industrial devices to Android smartphones), it allows you to launch a bring-your-own device strategy.

Power to the user: Process optimisation without programming

What is really revolutionary about CM3 is its universal capability. You can immediately make adaptations to the individual needs of your company in the CheckMobile modules uncomplicated and without any additional programming. Because, CM3 facilitates letting any user integrate his own developments into the processes and make them available through the platform or transmit them to mobile devices. The software provides finished, modelled processes which can be very easily re-configured at short notice and which can be individually adapted to your own, specific desires. That means long development cycles and huge investments for the mapping of complex procedures are omitted. The adaptation usually only takes three to seven days.   More...

The fact that CM3 architecture maps the functions of all processes makes it extremely configurable. It even goes so far that processes can be changed during operations. A configuration is set up for the data boxes, which also facilitates making individual boxes visible/hidden, readable/changeable, switching mandatory boxes and stipulating process abort conditions or box orders even during running operations. Furthermore, individual jobs can be dynamically generated and applied to the process.

You can individually adapt and process the dynamically generated hand-held and web-portal masks. The entry masks can be modelled by the departments and new masks, new boxes and new contents can be complemented or changed during on-going operations. It can be stipulated for every process step whether it should be performed only in mobile devices, only in the web portal or selectivity in both.

CM3 in practice

With the use of the new software, initially every employee is given a device in which the work instructions and/or lists of goods are recorded in logical sequence. They merely have to be checked off as soon as they are completed. Your employees can, however, also undertake individual entries, for instance make their own comments or a photographic documentation, whose images can be processed onsite. Subsequently, the data is automatically transmitted to your company headquarters through the CheckMobile server. There, the follow-up tasks or, if applicable, the requested information can be immediately viewed.   More...

Central control room functions such as deployment planning, graphic deployment, route planning or map display can be integrated into the web portal either immediately or later – that provides you with maximum flexibility and scalability.

All processes can be made mobile as needed, the contents stored in as many languages as desired and all mobile units can be used completely offline on various hand-held devices.

Pre-configured sector applications from CheckMobile can be adapted to your individual business model. Often enough, the integration of individual functions such as GPS position finding, Track & Trace or manpower planning in the CM3 basis system based on the modular principle are sufficient.

CM3 provides you, for instance, with these benefits

  • Free modification of masks and processes during operation, without programming or software updates
  • Time-recording of all jobs including accounting
  • Time verification for the customer
  • Order management
  • Deployment monitoring
  • Photographic documentation with image processing onsite
  • Escalation mechanisms
  • Customer and service provider portal
  • Complete integration into existing data systems
  • Offline operation of all mobile terminal equipment
  • Omission of paper documentation
  • Prevention of mistakes caused by media discontinuities thanks to complete virtualisation
  • Acceleration of the work flows
  • Improved control and transparency across all process steps
  • Immediate invoicing
  • Protocol printouts for each customer

However, the software is not only quickly implemented and simple to operate or re-configure; it is also cost-efficient. CheckMobile provides the customers rental models for the portal and device utilisation which spares the company cash flow. Added to that is an annual in-house cost saving of about 30 per cent through the optimisation of the business processes.

The CheckMobile technology increases the reaction speed, flexibility and productivity of all types of processes, making them future-proof.

Interfaces are available to you under CM3 interfaces for the following systems:


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